Green Solutions

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) found that the percentage of renewable energy products sold to commercial customers in the voluntary market has risen continuously over the past six years and currently accounts for 77% of total voluntary market sales.

The renewable energy market itself has increased over 500% since 2003, and has resulted in a market demand that outpaces state and federally mandated portfolio requirements from large agencies. LP believes that the growth of renewable energy sales has been driven by commercial purchasers who are either proactively supporting the technology or reacting to increased demand from their customers for more environmentally conscious products and business operations.

As concern for the environment grows among Americans renewable energy is increasingly playing a role in product purchasing decisions. This data is not lost in LP’s business model and product positioning within the Commercial marketplace. It is our goal to educate our customers and communities we service with the tremendous social and economic value in supporting renewable energy products in our homes and businesses alike.

The growth of the voluntary renewable energy market and the increasing demand of commercial purchasers ties in directly with the core of LP’s long term growth plan and philosophy:

Accountability, Support and Knowledge are the key ingredients to creating the environmentally conscious planet we all deserve. Let an LP representative prepare a Custom Energy Audit of your commercial or residential project and see first hand the economic and environmental benefits. By offering a specific range of products and solutions, LP helps you better understand the ROI of your project and maintain LEED (Leader in Environmental and Energy Design) green build certification.