Material Management

Ask us how this program can help you with Material Management. Having options increases opportunities to be efficient. Cant move your crew from outside work to inside work because the material isn’t on-site? Completed phase 1 of a project early and wish you had material on-site for phase 2? These circumstances occur everyday and Job-Site Warehousing gives you the flexibility to capitalize on the opportunity!

On-site warehousing is a unique product offering that meets the needs of major contractor clients.By not passing the cost of warehousing or job-site enclosures on to clients, LPI will provide a practical cost-effective solution that contractors need. The program is free of charge for qualified supplier relationships. LPI will deliver storage containers that will safely store sensitive electrical supplies and prevent loss due to theft or exposure. The main benefit of the program is to keep needed materials on stand-by for use at the right time by contractors. Contractors will never have to stop work because supplies are not on hand or the project progress has out-paced the supply chain.